Abby Graham

Growing up, you would find me with cleats laced up, on a soccer field all day every day. I started playing soccer competitively at a young age and my love of the sport brought me to Central Connecticut State University, where I played all 4 years. I loved being part of a team and a solid community. After I graduated in Exercise Science, I migrated back down to New Jersey and was on the hunt to find a new athletic adventure. I stumbled upon CrossFit, and never looked back.

When I first started, I quickly gravitated toward the barbell movements and found a passion for them. I struggled greatly with the gymnastics movements, especially the pull-ups. As a soccer player, I never used my arms for just about anything so they were very weak! It took a whole lot of coaching, patience (not my strong suit), and practice to be able to do them without a band. After I was more versed in CrossFit I went to get my level one to start to coach.

I have to say that some of the best experiences I have had while coaching CrossFit is seeing all the hard work pay off. Whether a it’s watching someone get their first pull-up or watch a snatch finally “click”, these victories are always so amazing to witness. Everyday I have the opportunity to make a difference and that is something that keeps me coming to work every day with a smile.