Tuesday fitness in South Jersey

Strength A.1: Flat Dumbbell Press (3x15 tempo 20X0) low incline A.2: 1-Arm DB Row (3x15/arm tempo 20X0) EMOM 24 minutes (6 total rounds) Minute 1: Dumbbell Muscle Cleans Minute 2: 20 meter sled push Minute 3: 12 dumbbell power clean and jerks Minute 4 12 total dumbbell walking lunges

For each successful round completed add 1 rep to all movements ( besides the sled push). If you fail a given round then subtract 2 reps from each movement for the following round.

Score is your last rounds rep.

Extra Work a. 1/2 Kneeling Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press (3x15 tempo 20X0) b. Ring Pull Up (3x7 tempo 22X0) False grip Load if able

Unload with feet on box Maintain hollow position throughout c. Dumbbell External Rotation (3x15/arm tempo 20X0)


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