Wednesday Gymnastiness

Notes Today is our gymnastic's day. Remember if we want to get better at anything we need to work on it. That's why we have these days. Don't cherry pick. If you can get in 20-40 minutes of aerobic work 1-2 x per week. Today's not a bad day to get it in. Also, don't forget the sled push cycle!

Skill 8 minute AMRAP ( Don't rush through the movements, focus on solid positioning throughout) 3-position ring hold drill x 3 ( 2 second pause in each position) V-up x 10 (Focus on hollow) Small to moderate c-kipping pull-up x 5-10

Gymnastics Alternate every 90 seconds for 4 rounds of each (12 minutes)

A.1: Weighted Pull-ups (4x6 ) -1 second pause at bottom -Assist with bands or feet as needed - Full stretch at bottom of pull-up - Attempt to maintain hollow position throughout - Add weight if able - Substitute pull-up (pronated) grip if needed.

A.2: Weighted Dips (4x6) -1 second pause at top and bottom of dip - Assist with feet as needed - Add weight if able Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) Every 2 minutes (12 total minutes) perform: 7 toes to bar 9 box jumps (24/20) *Soft landing and step-down 15 meter backwards crawl - Keep low back flat and level like attempting to carry a filled glass of water on your back without spilling any water

For this workout, I want you to focus on positioning. Scale so you can achieve proper form. For the toes to bar I want emphasis on hollow and arch positioning.

Extra Work A. Kettlbell Windmill (3x8/side) B. Wall Walk (3x2-3) 10 second float in handstand at the top -Maintain midline C. Banded Tricep Push Down (3x25 tempo 20X0)


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