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Remember- 1-2 times per week I’d like to have you add in 20-40 minutes worth of aerobic exercise. These sessions can be added in where-ever you see fit and work well on off-days and later in the day following a training session. This can come in the form of rowing, biking, hiking or light jogging / swimming. Feel free to mix up the modality in a given session (i.e. cycling between 5 minutes of biking, then 5 minutes of jogging, then 5 minutes of rowing etc..) or go outside and do some of this in the fresh air. *Sled Push Cycle - 1 time per week perform every 2 minutes 1 all out sled push for 7 seconds (Think maximal sprint) 7 seconds work, 1:53 seconds rest. - Week 1: 20 total minutes (10 rounds) - Week 2: 18 total minutes (9 rounds) - Week 3: 22 total minutes (11 rounds) - Week 4: 12 total minutes (6 rounds) - Week 5: 20 total minutes (10 rounds) ←This week Session best done on a day when not training otherwise. As far as weight goes it should not beso heavy that you can’t have a fast turnover when pushing the sled. Think moderate load andclose to sprint.

Strength- Start of 4th Cycle- Low Volume This is the week to deload as needed. Feel free to cut the sets / reps down and decrease the intensity / volume of training as needed this week.

Front Squat (3x3 @>85% of 1RM)

*Rear foot wall ankle dorsiflexion mobilization between sets x 15 / side *Attempt to use the same weight or slightly heavier than week 1 (3 x 6 week)

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

8 minute AMRAP: 5 barbell front squats (@50% of load used for front squats today) 7 ring rows (hardest variation able performed unbroken) 9 burpees over bar

Extra Work

a: Single leg calf raise (3x8)

Knee Straight Tempo 20X0

b: Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squats (3x8)

load with dumbbells

c: Reverse Snatch Deadlift (3x3)

Bar path should be the same as your snatch. Don’t load so heavy that you lose technique


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