Gibbstown Mickleton CrossFit


15 minutes to complete the following:

A.1: Push Press (3x3 tempo 30X0)

*Don’t forget the 3 second slow lower *Don’t rest bar in front rack between reps

A.2: Single Arm Ring Row (3x6/arm)

Metcon (Weight)

EMOM: 15 total minutes (5 rounds) Minute 1: 10/8 calorie assault bike (as fast as able) Minute 2: 10 dumbbell power clean and jerk (as challenging as possible performed unbroken) Minute 3: 10 strict pull-ups (as challenging as possible performed unbroken or in as few sets as possible) RX Dumbbell Weight:50/35 Score is weight of dumbbells. (If you used 35lb dumbbells your score is 35)

Extra Work

a: Kettlebell Press (3x6 tempo 30X0)

b: Weighted Pull-ups (3x3)

-1 second pause at top and bottom of pull-up (normal speed of descent and raise) - Load if able - Unload with feet on box - Maintain hollow position throughout

c: Dumbbell External Rotation (3x8 tempo 20X0)

Prone @ 90 degrees


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