Kids Fitness at CrossFit HideOut

Dear HideOut Fam,

The Kids Fitness program will be back this summer! We are very excited to have all your little ones join us for some fun and fitness. The program is going to be structured a bit differently than last year.

The Program

We will be splitting up the younger kids and the older kids this year. The younger kids (ages 4-7) will be on Monday and Wednesday at 10:15am. The older kids (ages 8-12) will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 10:15am. The reason that we are separating the kids this year is to help improve the quality of the program. The younger kids program is going to be directed towards moving well, having fun and getting sweaty. The older kids program is going to be directed towards sports performance, moving well, and having fun of course!

The Cost

The program will run for 7 weeks (June 26th-August 10th) and will cost $180 for the full session. The payment must be paid in full at the first class. There will be a sibling discount of 10% for the first kid and 15% for any other sibling.

If you are interested in the program please e-mail with the name of your kid(s), the age, and any questions you might have about the program.


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