Tuesday's South Jersey Fitness Workout


Clean and Jerk (5x1>90% of 1RM )

*Lateral squat x 3 reps / side between working sets of clean and jerks

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

5 minutes ON - 2 minutes OFF (3 total rounds - 21 total minutes) "ON" AMRAP 5 of: 8 dumbbell push press 10 calorie row 25 meter kettlebell farmer’s walk "OFF" 2 Minutes of light jog/row/bike *RX+ rest 5 minutes and then perform another 3 total rounds *Pick up where you left off

Extra Work

a: Ring Kipping (3x5-7 reps)

*Emphasis on hollow / arch positioning

b: Jump to ring support (3x3 jumps)

*hold top for 5 seconds

c: Overhead Squat (3x6)

*Hold bottom for 1 second


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