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Notes ● We’re progressing our strength work. We’re doing max effort work and then some extra volume at a reduced load ● Increased emphasis on gymnastics for accessory work ● Emphasis on strict strength, tempo, positional work and introducing kipping ● Increased emphasis on olympic lifting work ● Accessory for strength is more specific to the olympic and power lifts. ● Now is the time of the year where we really start pushing in the strength department. Expect some improvements over the next several months with your lifts. ● Emphasis on longer met-con to help build aerobic base and muscular endurance for upcoming chippers and longer rep sets ● DELOAD WEEK - feel free to take it easier (less sets, reps, weight) on workouts this week to help rest the body and mind for the next week.

Strength A.1: Push Press (3x5) *50, 60, 70% of 1 rep max (should be fast and easy - deloading) A.2: Barbell Inverted Row (3x15 tempo 20X0) *add load if able Metcon (Calories) EMOM 10 minutes (5 rounds) Minute 1- 15 dumbbell clean and jerks Minute 2- 15/12 calorie row

*If not able to consistently perform the prescribed calories in a given minute then work for 50 seconds

*Weights during clean and jerk should be challenging but not so heavy that you can’t complete the reps in the time alotted

*Score is total calories- write weight of dumbbells in comments

Extra Work a: DB Strict Press (3x6 tempo 20X0) *don't forget the 2 second lower b: 1 and 1/2 Chest to bar pull-up (3x3-5 reps) *Load if able *Unload with feet on box *Maintain hollow position throughout c: Dumbbell External Rotation (3x6 tempo 20X0) *side lying


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