Nothing worth having comes easy.

Notes ● We’re progressing our strength work. We’re doing max effort work and then some extra volume at a reduced load ● Increased emphasis on gymnastics for accessory work ● Emphasis on strict strength, tempo, positional work and introducing kipping ● Increased emphasis on olympic lifting work ● Accessory for strength is more specific to the olympic and power lifts. ● Now is the time of the year where we really start pushing in the strength department. Expect some improvements over the next several months with your lifts. ● Emphasis on longer met-con to help build aerobic base and muscular endurance for upcoming chippers and longer rep sets ● DELOAD WEEK - feel free to take it easier (less sets, reps, weight) on workouts this week to help rest the body and mind for the next week.


Today we max out!! Get after it. Have your goal be 5lbs heavier then your previous snatch. If you have a young training age you can go more then 5lbs heavier but remember to take your PR's with good form and then be done. Don't push too much past technical failure.

Snatch (Build to a 1RM snatch)

*Posterior hip rocks x 5 reps / side between sets of snatch

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

Partner Workout - 15 minute AMRAP: 40 alternating arm dumbbell snatches (Heavy) (50 and up/30 and up) 80 wall balls (20/14) 160 double unders *All reps split evenly between partners, only 1 partner works at a time *Makes snatches tough enough to have to switch partners every 4-8 reps *Weight of snatch goes in comments

Extra Work

a: Barbell Curl (3x6 tempo 20X0)

*Palms up

b: Handstand Lateral Walk (3 x 10-15 steps / direction)

*Perform wall facing if able, if uncomfortable perform facing away from wall

c: Snatch Grip RDL ( 3 x 3 tempo 20X0)


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