A.1: Snatch (5x5 @ >75% of 1RM)

*These are touch and go reps *Start with 75% for your first working set and build each working set from there *We are working on barbell cycling here.

A.2: Goblet Squat (5x3 tempo 33X0)

*between sets of snatch *Light load with focus on perfect technique and maximal depth


Partner Workout - 22 minutes: 20 Overhead squats (@50% of weight used in workout) 30 Box Jumps 40 Dumbbell reverse lunge (total reps) (50/35) (55/40) 50 Double unders *All reps split evenly between partners, only 1 partner works at a time

*Scale for OHS is going to be OH Lunge Steps

Extra Work

a: Dumbbell Biceps Curl (3 x 10 / side tempo 20X0)

*With back of upper arm supported on back of incline bench

b: Handstand Weight Shifting (3 x 3-6 shifts / side (2 second pause on each side)

- Perform wall facing if able, if uncomfortable perform facing away from wall - Pause for 2 seconds in shifted position for each rep

c: Snatch Pull (3x3 tempo 20X0)

*from floor *all sets should be heavier


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