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Sumo Deadlift (build to a heavy set of 3)

*Work up to a heavy set of 3 which represents about an 8/10 intensity *10/10 is the heaviest possible load you could lift *Perform another 3 x 1 @95% of the weight just used on yourheaviest set *Elevate the weight 3-5 inches off the floor (1 plateish) ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE MOBILITY *Focus on fast reps with perfect technique

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

Partner workout 18 minute AMRAP 16 deadlifts (conventional) @ 40-50% of load used during deadlifts 30 meter forward crawl 30 meter sled push All reps split evenly between partners, only 1 partner works at a time

Extra Work

a: Walking Dumbbell Single Leg RDL (3x10/side)

*go all the way to the floor on these

b: V-up (3x10-15)

c: Banded Side Bridge Clam/Reverse Clam (3 x 10-15 / side)

*Start movement in slight pelvic posterior tilt and lumbar spine flexion


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