Strength and Conditioning Gibbstown, NJ


A.1: Push Press (work up to a 3RM)

*10/10 intensity *Perform 3x3@90% of weight just used on your heaviest set

A.2: Ring Row (3x8 )

*Add loaded vest if able *False grip

Metcon (Weight)

EMOM 15 Minute 1: 10 dumbbell push press (50/35) Minute 2: 200 meter run Minute 3: 10 toes to bar Score is weight of dumbbells

Extra Work

a: Wall Facing Handstand Push-up Variation (3x7 tempo 31X1)

*3 second lower, 1 second pause in the bottom, explosive press, 1 second pause at the top

b: Strict Chest to Bar Pull-up (3x6)

*Load if able *unload with feet on box *Maintain hollow position throughout

c: Row with external rotation (3x12/side tempo 20X0)


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