Tuesday's Finest


Welcome to the first week of our new cycle. For the next two weeks are going to do some tests to see where we are overall. Expect some different stuff and be open to it! Remember to have some fun with fitness!


Today we are going to build to 1RM back squat. I know we haven't done these in a while but with the sumo deadlifts and the front squats from the previous cycles I think we should be able to hit some good numbers. Remember when we do this to be smart and REST 3-4 minutes between your heavier sets. Rest is a huge part of the equation to hitting successful heavy lifts. If you are going to for a PR, only hit #5lbs heavier then your previous 1RM if you have an older lifting age! If you have been lifting for 1-2 years you can go up a bit more then that. The dumbbell split squat is going to tell us our single leg strength compared to our bilateral strength. The goal here is 1/3 BWT but if you don't hit that don't worry. We will address it later.

A: Back Squat (build to a 1RM )

B: DB Split Squat (Build to 8RM/Side, Rest 1-2 Minutes)

Goal: 1/3 BWT *Enter weight of both dumbbells combined


Today we are going to test our 500m row. Remember that this should be max effort but efficency is key. We are going to go over some row drills before hand to try to make sure we have good form for the row. Get after it here!!!

500m Row (Time)

Max Effort 500m Row


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