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Today we are going to be working off some percentages for our front squat. Try to have your numbers written down before class starts so we can move through the strength easily! Every 2:30 x 6 Sets (15 Minutes) 1: 50% x 5 reps 2: 60% x 5 reps 3: 70% x 3 reps 4 - 75% x 3 reps 5 - 80% x 3 reps 6 - 85% x 2-3 reps


Today we are going to do a partner workout. The workout should be around 9-12 minutes total. Each partner will complete one full round at a time. Try to pick a weight that is challenging but doable for all 7 reps.

Metcon (Time)

6 Rounds: 14 Calorie Assault Bike 7 Thrusters, 135/95# The goal for the thruster weight is heavy, but not impossible. Each round should be unbroken. Partner A will complete one full round then partner B will complete one full round.

Extra Work

A.1: Double Kettlebell Swing (3x15 @53/35)

rest 30 seconds

A.2: Side Plank (3x20 seconds/side)

rest 60 seconds


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