CrossFit Mickleton


Today we are going to work on some ring stability and strength exercises. If you are unable to do the holds on the rings you can use the pull-up bar/dip station bar. I want to focus on proper hollow body positioning and shoulder positioning here. Make sure you choose the right version to allow for this!

A.1: Chest to Ring Hold (4 x :15-:20, Rest 30 Seconds)


A.2: Ring Support (4 x :15-:20, Rest 30 Seconds)

reps= seconds

A.3: Bent Hollow Hold (4 x :30 Seconds, Rest 1 Minute)


Today we are going to do the CrossFit Games Team Series workout but solo. You are going to start with 120 double unders. You can scale this by doing 1/2 the double under reps or by doing 120 singles. For the pull-ups, scale to a band that you can hit 8-12 off the gate. This is going to be tough but just rest as needed and get through it. The hang power snatches are going to be 95/65. Make sure you work on hinging at the hip and driving up to keep yourself from getting fatigued.

Metcon (Time)

For Time: 120 Double Unders 60 Pull-ups (RX+ Chest to Bar Pull-ups) 60 Hang Power Snatch (95/65) 120 Double Unders


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