CrossFit in South Jersey


Today we are going to have some fun and do a 3 rep max distance broad jump. For this, as soon as your feet touch go right into the next jump. You will have 3-5 attempts for this. We will do some practice in the begining of class. Make sure you record it!

Broad jump (Distance)

3-5 Sets x 3 Reps, Build to Max Distance; Rest as Needed


Today we are going to do some max effort work. I want you to choose a weight on the slam ball that you can go all out and fast. The burpees should be the same way as well. I want you to record each rounds time. Try to stay the same or get better. :)

Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

6 Sets @ Max Effort: 20 Second Slam Ball, Light and Fast (30/20) 20 Second Burpees 20 Second Shuttle Sprint (30') Rest 2 Minutes Score is time it takes to complete each set.

Extra Work

Try to get this in today! Extra work is a great way to work on weaknesses as well stay injury free!

A.1: Single Arm KB Front Rack Duck Walk (2x75ft, Rest 30 seconds)

Reps = Feet

A.2: Hip Extension (2x10, Rest 60 seconds)

add load


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