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Today we are going to test our 1RM weighted PRONATED pull-up. We will have 10 minutes to build up so make sure you take your time here. If you have any history try to go 2.5-5lbs heavier then your past performance. Don't get greedy here. If you are unable to add weight to a pull-up, you are doing to 3 sets of max ring rows. I want you to rest as needed between sets and make them challenging. If you start losing form and "kipping" do not continue for that set.

A: Weighted Pull-ups (Take 10 Minutes to Build to 1RM; Rest as Needed)

A: Ring Rows (3x Max Reps; Rest as Needed)


Today we are going to a "CrossFit" style workout. The push-jerks should be heavy but you should be able to go unbroken here. You can push yourself to a challenging version of your pull-up. The 400m run will be straight out (yes up the hill) and back (no 2x200m here). Go at a steady pace for this workout. Try to think you should hit the same number of rounds in the second 10 minutes as you did in the first.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

20 Minute AMRAP: 5 Push Jerks (165/113) 10 C2B Pull-ups 400m Run


We are going to do this as a group after we clean up our bars. Try to use the same weight as last week or a bit heavier.

C.1: Batwing Hold (2 x 45 Seconds, Rest 1 Minute)

reps= seconds

C.2: Plank Hold (Time) (2 x 90 Seconds, Rest 1 Minute)


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