And Your Health Challenge Winners Are...

We want to give you all a BIG congratulations on putting your health and wellness at the forefront of your daily lives throughout the last 30 days, and for investing in yourself. It takes dedication, motivation, discipline, and hard work. You guys did it! We are so proud of you. We hope you learned a few things along the way, found ways to keep implementing healthy choices each day, and we hope that you are so proud of yourselves.

There are seven daily habits that we should practice each day: Nutrition, Exercise, Mobilization, Sleep, Hydration, Lifestyle and Reflection. Keep putting yourself and your health first, and you will see physical, mental and emotional gains. Abby and I are along for the ride and will help you however we can.

Alright – onto the winning goodies – It was so so very close!!!


Here are your Top 5 Winning Teams:


  1. Bill McNamee & Jon Shulman 939.60

  2. Hillary Regan & Steph Lundfelt 939.50

  3. Tracie & Tony Juliano 938.09

  4. Sue Stier & Amy Baker 936.59

  5. Jamie Cross & Isis Robinson 935.52

AWESOME job you guys!!! I will have your earnings at the box by tomorrow. :) It is a pretty lovely amount of money.


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