November Member Spotlight!

Hey HideOut Family – meet your November Member Spotlight, ISIS ROBINSON!

(pronounced ees-ees)

Isis started with us in April after some persuading from her friend and co-worker, Jamie Cross. (Thanks Jamie!) Isis did a strict pull-up on her very first day at our one on one Intro Session. She is an athlete! She’s strong, motivating and someone we are so glad to have in the gym. She typically comes right from work in the afternoons, or at 6:00 AM. Be sure to say Hi! Isis, thank you so much for spending an hour a day with us. We are so blessed to have you. :)

Basics: Hometown, current town, occupation, age?

Natal, Brazil – living in Brooklawn-NJ since 2005, Inside Sales/Marketing Representative at Powell Electronics – really? 37years old LOL

What are your hobbies, interests, talents outside of CrossFit HideOut?

Dancing, traveling and child care (came to US as an Au Pair and I just love to take care of little kids) How long have you been doing CrossFit?

7 months What accomplishments are you most proud of at CrossFit HideOut?

Participating in the in house competition. What advice would you give to someone starting CrossFit for the first time?

Be patient. Focus on the correct form not on the weight What is your favorite type of WOD?

Burpee Box Jumps/ Wall Balls What is your least favorite movement?

Double Unders What is your next CrossFit goal you would like to achieve? Be able to do my first muscle up What does your diet and nutrition consist of?

Balanced diet – lots of water and avoiding unhealthy fats and empty calories as much as I can. Do you see yourself doing CrossFit for a long time to come?

Yes, for life!

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN ISIS! You add to this fitness community and we can't wait to help you crush your goals.

<3 Dana & Abby


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