Wednesday Fun!


Today we are going to build to a heavy double power snatch. Remember this is not a 2RM. We are looking for all clean, crisp reps. If you still have time left over, drop down to 80-85% of weight you built up to and practice reps. The main technique focus is going to be the 2nd pull. Once the bar gets to the mid thigh, pull the bar into your body and get a big drive up for reach rep.

Power Snatch (Build to a heavy double in 12 minutes)


Today we are going to do a task oriented workout. You will complete 3 rounds of 15 power snatches and 20 burpees over the bar. Try to push this one a bit. Don't be afaird to let it hurt a bit. :)

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds: 15 Power Snatch(135/95) 20 Burpee Over Barbell

Extra Work

A.1: Dual Kettlebell Overhead Carry (4x100ft (53/35))

A.2: Farmer's Carry (4x100ft (70/53))

rest 1-2 minutes between rounds


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