Monday Fitness Frenzy


Today we are going to do two seperate strengths. For each one I want you to keep the same weight for all working sets. If you were here last week try to use the same weight.

A: Bent Over Row (4x12 tempo 20X2)

Each set begins every 2 minutes.

B: Tall Kneeling Arnold Press (3x15 tempo 30X1)

Each set begins every 2 minutes.


The handstand push-ups should be a challenge here. I am thinking 3-4 sets for each set. If you are a HSPU ninja, try for strict on these. If you are unable to do a HSPU variations I want you to do dumbbell push press to keep the speed high. The weight should be challenging for them.

Metcon (Time)

For Time: 42-30-18 Handstand Push-ups Calorie Row

Accessory Work

4 Rounds Ring dip x 12, Tempo 20x2 rest 30 seconds Batwing hold x 40 seconds rest 1 minute

A.1: Ring Dip (4x12 tempo 20X2)


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