Tuesday 12/5/2017


Today we are going to find heavy squat snatch in 15 minutes. The goal of the session today is to have some fun see what you can do after the work we put in here.

Snatch (15 minutes to find a heavy single)

This is a squat snatch. If you do not squat this write what version you did in the comments.


Today's metcon is going to be outside. We are going to do 10 ball slams+ 10 burpees+ 120 yard suiside sprint. Make sure you keep track of each rounds time. Your goal is to be consistent and to push yourself each round!

Every 4 Minutes x 4 Sets: 10 Slam Balls, 30/20 10 Burpees 120 Yard Suicide Sprint

Keep track of each rounds time.

Accessory Work

Metcon (Weight)

2 Rounds: 200m Heavy Object Carry, Heavier than Last Time Rest 1-2 Minutes

Write your heavy object in comments and weight in the score.


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