Holiday Schedule and New Offerings

Hellloooo HideOut Fam!

The following will be our holiday schedule next week. Make sure you reserve your spot in class. Only 15 athletes will be allowed in class. Reservations will be allowed 24 hours in advanced.


Sunday 12/24



11am-Noon : OPEN GYM

Monday 12/25


Tuesday 12/26







*No 5am on this day

Sunday 12/31



11am-Noon : OPEN GYM


10am Class

11am-Noon Open Gym

****2018’s NEW CLASS SCHEDULE****

You ask and you shall receive. Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the survey online. We really appreciate you, and your feedback, opinions and ideas. Beginning in the New Year, we are going to be implementing a 3 month trial period for additional class times, and open gym times. Throughout this 3 month period, we will see which classes stay consistently busy and will add them permanently. We want to grow and adapt with you, and are more than willing to give you everything we can. Check out the new classes below.

Starting Tuesday 1/2/18 there will be the following added classes:

Monday: 7:30pm

Wednesday: 7:30pm

Saturday: 8am, Open Gym 11am-Noon

Sunday: 10am, Open Gym 11am- Noon

*we will also be sprinkling in more seminars, clubs, etc on Sundays from 9am-10am

Starting in January, keep an eye out for the additional classes in Wodify. Thank you all so much!

Open Gym One of CrossFit’s pillars is constant variation. Our programming at CrossFit HideOut reflects a carefully and intentionally-crafted system to improving athletes’ general physical fitness. However, we know that all athletes have unique goals and challenges that inspire them to put in extra time. Open Gym is intended to provide athletes an independent skill/cardio/lifting time block above and beyond their participation in CrossFit. (NOT in the place of CrossFit) We reserve the coach’s right to squash any unsafe activity at any time. Coaches have earned the right to workout at their discretion and may be doing some of these things during open gym; this is a privilege afforded by being a coach. Our insurance company thanks you for your cooperation. Open Gym Rules 1) Open gym is included as part of an Unlimited Membership.You cannot bring friends and family along to work out with you. 2) Open Gym is not a coached session. A coach will be on premises, but no class will be led. 3) The on-duty coach reserves the right to change or stop athletes’ activities at any time.

4) Basic gym etiquette still applies. Wipe down and put all your own equipment away. 5) Open Gym will start and finish at it’s scheduled times. Make sure you plan your workout accordingly. 6) Have fun!


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