Power Clean + Squat Clean Every 2 Min. x 8 Sets Minute 0: 50% x (2+2) Minute 2: 60% x (2+2) Minute 4: 70% x (2+1) Minute 6: 75% x (2+1) Minutes 8/10/12/14: 80% x (2+1) Take % off of Power Clean. This is to get you some practice getting under the barbell as well. It should be relatively light because the you are working the squat clean off the power clean percentages.

Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

6 Sets: 2 Minute Clock: 250m Row @ Hard Effort AMRAP Burpee Over Row 1 Minute Rest Score is total burpees over the rower.

Extra Work

A.1: Back Extensions (3x8, rest 60 seconds)

A.2: Star Plank (3x15 seconds/side, rest 60 seconds)

Have your shoulders, butt and heels against the wall for the side plank.


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