Friday 6/8


3 Sets 8 Landmine Single Leg Romanian Deadlift per leg *Add weight here 20 Banded Hip Thrusts 30sec Superman Swimmer Kicks + Deadlift technique work


Deadlift (4x3@85%+ of 1RM; 30X1 Tempo)

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

10 Minute AMRAP @ 80% 300m Row 15 Russian KB Swing, 70/53 15 Abmat Sit-ups Rest 4 Minutes

Metcon (Calories)

5 Sets @ 80% Effort 1 Minute A/B 1 Minute Row Score for this one will be total calories.

Extra Work

A.1: Single leg lateral step down and up (3x10/side)

A.2: Bottom of Good Morning Hold (3x30 seconds; Rest 60 seconds)


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