New Cycle 6/17

HideOut Fam!

Here are the details of our next cycle. Make sure you read up before class!

Our next cycle is going to be a bit of an intensification phase. We can expect a bit more Olympic weightlifting with some higher weights and lower volumes. We will also keep the absolute strength work lower volume, higher intensity. Gymnastics will start to occur in a more intensive setting, meaning higher skill work and volume in workouts and EMOM's. We will start pushing higher intensities in the aerobic work as well. We will keep alactic power work into lactic power build over the course of these weeks. However, we will begin by backing down in the beginning again. Lastly, we will keep A/B weeks going, mainly to keep from burnout. After 8 weeks, we will test some things and then pull back into an accumulation phase for 4-6 weeks before we ramp back up!

The general outline will be the following:

Monday: Squat + Upper Body + Mix Modality Aerobic Power

Tuesday: Power Oly + Alactic/Lactic Power

Wednesday: Gymnastic + MAP Session

Thursday: Accessory + Mixed Modality Aerobic Power

Friday: Pull/Push + CrossFit Tester

Saturday: CrossFit Tester

This is just an outline for those who need it. It may change up a bit specifically . If you have any questions e-mail

Love Always, Abby and Dana


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