Friday 8/17


1x through Foam roll sequence- :20 sec each position Quad/Upper back/Lats Inch worms x5 (no pushup) Downward dog push up x 5 Lunge complex x 2/side Bodyweight cossack squats x 5/side Mini Band Clam shell x 20/side Mini Band Fire Hydrants x 20/side TGU - light - 5/side Broad jumps x 5 reps


A.1: Back Squat (5sec. lower for 2 reps @ 70-75% for 4 sets)

write tempo in comments

A.2: Weighted Pull-ups (3 reps x 4 sets)

all working sets should be at the same weight

A.3: Dumbbell External Rotation (6/side x 4 sets)

Metcon (Time)

3-6-9-12-15-18 Hang Squat Cleans, 115/80 Burpees over the Barbell RX plus - 135/95

Extra Work

1) Lifting Push Press + Pause Jerk - (5+1)RM; 95% x (5+1), 90% x (5+1) 2) Accessory 3 sets: Barbell roll outs x 10 DB Step up x 5/side Lateral Plank Walk x 5m/side

Push Press

Push Jerk

Weighted Step-ups


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