Friday 8/24


1 minute of jump rope + Inchworm No Push up x 5 Downward dog x 5 Cossack Squat x 5/side (Body weight) 1/2 Frog x 10/side Squat Stand Hold x 10 + 2 sets Deadbug x 10/side Mini Band Side Plank Clam Shell x 15/side Y's x T's x 10/exercise


This is a super set between back squat, pull-ups and powell raises. The back squat should be the same weight as you did last week but we are adding another rep. If you do not have a score from last week do 70-75% (whatever you can keep the tempo with). The strict pull-up clusters can be weighted if needed or you may use a band. The rest should be 5-10 seconds between each rep and there is a 5 second negative on these. KEEP THE TEMPO! The powell raise is a great should accessory movement that will require a smaller weight.

A.1: Back Squat (3x3@70-75%, 50X1 Tempo)

Same weight as last week across the board but add 1 rep

A.2: Strict Pull-up (Cluster 3 x, Tempo 50X1)

A.3: Powell Raise (3 x 6/side)


Today we are going to hit a fun little chipper. I want you to try keep large sets on the wallballs. Take 5-10 breaths when you drop it then pick it back up. For the double unders, push yourself to do them here! Even if you have to modify the number this is a great time to practice. If you absoultely can not do them, you can do 3x the amount of singles. Have fun with this!

Metcon (Time)

For time: 100 wall balls, 20/14# 75 double unders 50 wall balls, 20/14# 25 double unders RX+ 30/20#

Extra Work

1) LIFTING Push Press + Pause Jerk - (5+1)RM; 95% x (5+1), 90% x (5+1) *HEAVIER THEN LAST WEEK 2) Accessory Single arm DB Press x 10/side Single arm Row x 10/side Yoke Walk x 100ft x 3 Rounds


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