Wednesday 8/29


3 sets: Row 10/8 Calories Single arm Farmers Carry x 50 ft/side Russian KB Swing x 10 + Shin Hops x 5 Air Squats x 10 + Clean Progressions


Working on singles of the squat clean on the minute for 12 minutes. The focus is on a good lift off from the ground to the knee then a straight line of action through the middle and catching in a solid position. Weight can build throughout EMOM.

Clean (EMOM 12- 1 Rep )

Metcon (Time)

4-8-12-16 Calorie Row Burpee over erg Double KB front rack squat, 70/53# per hand rest 5 minutes actively walking or jogging

Metcon (Time)

16-12-8-4 Calorie Row Burpee over erg Double KB Front Rack Squat, 70/53

Extra Work

1) Gymnastics A.1: Ring Pull Up (3x5-7 reps) *3 second decent A.2: Ring Dips (3x 3-5 reps) *3 second decent and 3 second hold B: Wall Facing Handstand Push-up Variation (3x2-4 reps * 3 second decent) *do 1 more rep then last week

Metcon (No Measure)

Not For Time: 10/10 Bulgarian Spit Squats 25 Russian KB Swings (good form and UB) 200ft Yoke carry x 3 sets


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