Monday 9/3


Dynamic Warm Up High knees/ butt kicks Back Pedal/ Power Skip Carioca/Lateral Squat Lunge w/twist/ Lunge w/reach Shoulder retraction + 4-3-2-1 Empty bar front squat V-up or Suitcase situp


Liam (Time)

For time: Run 800 meters with a 45-lb. plate 100 toes-to-bars 155-lb. front squats, 50 reps 15-ft. rope climbs, 10 ascents Run 800 meters with a 45-lb. plate Partition the toes-to-bars, front squats and rope climbs as needed. Start and finish with the run.

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Liam J. Nevins, 32, of Middlebury, Vermont, was killed by small arms fire while conducting combat operations in Paktia Province, Afghanistan, on Sept. 21, 2013. Nevins was assigned to Operational Detachment Alpha 9521, Bravo Company, 5th Bn., 19th Special Forces Group, based in Fort Carson, Colorado. His friends remember him as a cut above when it came to fitness. He enjoyed hiking and running outdoors, as well as the full gamut of CrossFit movements, from Olympic lifting to gymnastics. He is survived by his mother, Victoria; father, William; fiancée, Julie Huynh; and sisters, Maeve and Raven.

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