Wednesday 9/19


Foam Roll Lats + Triceps T-spine Ext x10 Side lying Windmill x 5/side + Back to wall shoulder flexion x 10 reps Shoulder CAR x 5/side Pec Stretch x 5/side Wall Slide w/lift off x 5/side + 2 sets Banded Pull aparts x 20 Banded W's x 10 Banded Rows x 20


A.1: Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunge (4 x 50' per arm)

Foucs on locked out arm, good OH positioning

A.2: Bent Over Dual Kettlebell Row (4x8/side; 4020 Tempo)

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Tabata Pull-ups rest 1 minute Tabata Thrusters, 45/35 rest 1 minute Tabata Ball Slams rest 1 minute Tabata Lunge Jumps Score is total reps. Keep a running total or write down each tabatas score and add them up at the end.

Extra Work

1) Accessory A1. Single leg barbell good morning x 5/side x 4 A2. Tricep ext. x 8-10x 4 2) Gymnastics Strict false grip ring pull up – each set is done on the minute or Strict ring muscle up – each set is done on the minute

A.1: Split Stance Good Morning (4x5/side)


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