Thursday 9/20


2 Sets Mini band Lateral Walk x 20/side Banded Pull Through x 15 Plank Hold x 1:00m + Scap Push Up x 20 Push Up x 5 (slow decent) Shoulder Tap x 20 Push Up x 5 (slow decent) + 50m Shuttle (fast down/slow back) 100m Shuttle (fast down/Slow back) 200m Shuttle (fast down/slow back)


A.1: Split Stance RDL (3x8/side)

A.2: Dumbbell Alternating Bench Press (3x8/side)

A.3: Seasaw Carry (3x50'/hand)

*front rack (lighter) and side carry (heavier) *Score for this is weight combined then write what you did specifically in the comments

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

EMOM 18 Minute 1- 200m run Minute 2 - Recovery jog for :45 Minute 3 -5 (2 minutes) AMRAP 3 Burpees 6 Russain KB Swings (55/35) 9 sit ups Minute 6- Rest Score for today will be the reps you get for the AMRAP portion of the workout. This doesn't mean dog the run. The run pace should be hard.

Extra Work

Metcon (Distance)

Separate session- AM or PM depending on when you workout 45 minute easy aerobic effort today *bike or jog

Metcon (Calories)

4 Rounds 60sec. On / 60 sec. off Sandbag upright marching Ski Erg Alternate movements until you hit 4 of each- score is total ski cals


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