Sunday 9/23


Teams of 2: 80 Reverse Lunges 60 Sit ups 40 Slamballs 20 Burpees (or as far as possible in 7:00m) + Barbell Work 8 Snatch Grip Deadlifts 8 High Pulls 8 Hang Power Snatches


This is today's recommended strength. If you want to make up a strength from the week at this time or if you want to work on a skill you will have 10-15 minutes to do it.

Hang Power Snatch (EMOM 10 x 2 reps )

nothing heavy, working on the skill of the snatch build from last week by 5-10%

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2 must complete the following: 5 minute max effort row 4 minute amrap farmers carry, 70/55# - done in 50m increments 3 minute max bench press @ 135/95# 2 minute max distance sled push - (done in 50m increments) 400m team run Then back up the ladder


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