Wednesday 10/3


Shoulder CAR x 3/side Pec Stretch x 5/side Wall Slide w/ lift off x 10 + 2 Sets Single Arm Ring Row x 8/side Bent over Fly x 10 Stand up/down burpees x 5 (on DB) + Rope Climb Progression


A.1: Barbell Front Rack Lateral Box Step-up (4x6/side)

All sets at the same weight Warm up with 2-3 sets and feel out what your working weight is

A.2: Rope Climb (4x60 seconds)

Modifications include Rope lowers/Rope Climbs/Legless RC

Metcon (Distance)

:30 Power Snatch; 75/55 :30 burpee over the bar :60 max distance run rest :60 x5 rounds RX+ = 95/65

Extra Work

A.1: Ring Rows (2xmax reps)

Feet elevated Pronated Grip tempo 2020

A.2: Push-ups (2xmax reps )

tempo 2020 on paralette bars if possible

B.1: Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension (3x15)

B.2: Dumbbell Preacher Curl (3x15)


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