Meet Dana Hampton

Meet Dana Hampton

Growing up I didn’t play sports, but was always active. At age 8, I found a love for dance and continued to do it all the way through high school. I got married in 2004, had my son Gabriel in 2007 and my daughter Giuliana in 2010. Outside of CrossFit and coaching, I'm a hairstylist of 15 years.

After kids I struggled with finding my way. I think I had a gym membership for a year and never stepped foot inside. CrossFit entered my life when my husband started in 2010. It was something new and it took him no time to fall in love with it. I hate to say it but it took him 3 years to finally talk me into trying my first CrossFit class. When I first started CrossFit, the barbell was like a foreign object and it was something I struggled with. My comport zone has always been body weight movements. Although, after some time I have learned to really like Olympic lifting. I love the constant chase of perfecting movements.

With much encouragement from Abby and my husband I finally took my L1 in June of 2017.

I'm inspired everyday working out with the amazing athletes at Hideout. So being about to coach them is a humbling experience. Lending a helping hand in someone’s growth as a human is something so special. I love getting to share what I know with all the members. As a coach, there is nothing better then giving that cue and seeing it finally connect with that athlete.


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