Athlete Spotlight: Cindy MacMinn

1)  What motivated you to start Crossift?

I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about CrossFit from my cousins and friends who do CrossFit in other places across NJ and PA  and I’ve been interested in learning new exercises. 

2) What is the biggest physical gain you have experienced since joining Hideout?

I’ve never lifted weights before so being my first full month at the gym... anytime I try to do a lift with proper form is a plus! 

3) What is the biggest mental gain that you have experienced?

 From joining CrossFit and talking to Abby, my biggest mental gain has been following through with better nutrition.  I always have enjoyed sports, exercise, and eating somewhat healthy, but for the first time, I’m a lot more motivated and conscious about what I am choosing to prepare and eat. 

4) What is your "go-to" motivation on days when you're struggling to make it to class?

If I’m struggling to go to class, my 9 year old son is my exercise buddy.  I am able to go to Crossfit while he goes to martial arts.  So if Kyle is at martial arts, I have no excuse not to be working out too. 

5) What is one of your favorite things about being a part of the Hideout family?

Everyone I’ve met at Hideout is very positive and it’s motivating in itself to see the hard work and achievements of everyone in class. 

6) Share one of your current goals / challenges you'd like to breakthrough.

My current goal is to learn all of these lift movements and execute them correctly! 

Welcome to the HideOut team Cindy! We are excited to have you on board and are excited to see your progress.

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