Member Spotlight: Rick Maxie

Rick Maxie aka "Slim Rick" or "Cute Rick"

1) What motivated you to start CrossFit?

Rick: What motivated me about CrossFit was my wife Candell. I really didn't have a choice because she loves, eats, and coaches in the CrossFit realm. I always knock her without even trying it. I think I feared the word. It's easier as a family when everyone is one the same page. Eating healthy and keeping each other in check.

2) What is the biggest physical gain you have experienced since joining Hideout?

Rick: My biggest physical gain would be just getting stronger and slimmer. Cant wait for February challenge!! My high school nickname was Slick Rick now its Slim Rick or cute Rick.

3) What is the biggest mental gain you have experienced?

Rick: The biggest mental gain is just exactly that. I have to clear my head before or after work. I try to explain to people all the time not only do I see a physical change but mental. It clears my mind especially before going to work as a police officer.

4) What is your "go-to" motivation on days when you're struggling to make it to class? What is one of your favorite things about being a part of the Hideout family?

Rick: My go-to motivation days are every day. I don't look at the workout. Its intimidating when I look at the workout. The hardest part is just getting there. Once you walk through the doors, you can feel the energy from the other athlete's and coaches. They bring you in and it's like a welcoming family. And when your done the workout everyone tells you something positive. High 5, fist pumps, or just saying good job it's a great feeling. And when Abby turns on my music 50 cent or some good hip-hop mix music I just get into a dance/sing mood. Although I cant dance, I try my best. Just like CrossFit, I try my best.

6) Share one of your current goals / challenges you'd like to breakthrough?

Rick: My challenges will be hand stand push ups and double unders. And just staying on track. It's very easy to fall off. It's very easy to put on weight but very challenging to get it off. But, with the big family we have at HideOut and support I should stay on track. I need the push and someone to keep me in check at our gym.

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