Yeah drinking water is great during your workout but have you tried BCAAs?! Sipping water or a sports drink as you train can help keep you hydrated, but let’s take a deeper look into what can not only hydrate you but also elevate your performance and increase muscle (#moregainz!💪).

Branch Chain Amino Acids (or BCAAs) found in supplements like Driven Nutrition AMINO can optimize your intra-workout nutrition for improved performance and faster recovery by helping you quickly get essential amino acids into the bloodstream and to your muscles to help kick-start the rebuild and recovery process (protein synthesis) while you’re still working out. Doing so can help keep the body in an anabolic (muscle growth) state rather than a catabolic (muscle breakdown) state. This means more strength gains and less soreness after each workout session!

Essential amino acids like BCAAs can also be used by the body to more efficiently convert glycogen (carbs) and fat into energy. This means improved caloric burn for shedding those unwanted pounds! Timing around your workout is crucial though when ingesting these aminos acids to ensure they are readily available in your bloodstream, and drinking an intra-workout BCAA supplement like AMINO is the best way to do that.

In short, if you’re looking for a supplement that’s going to help you level up your overall exercise performance, recover better, and more effectively burn carbs and fat during your WOD then try adding a scoop of a BCAA supplement like Driven Nutrition AMINO to your usual bottle of water or sports drink during your workout!

Available Flavors:

- Fresh Lemonade

- Fruit Punch

- Grape

- Watermelon

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