Workouts of the Week

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The time is here to RESTART your life and get HEALTHY. Over the past 6 months, it has become CLEAR how important our health is, both physically AND mentally. To get you kick-started on the right path, we will be hosting “Back to LIFE” Wellness Challenge. This will be a 30 day PARTNER challenge with the goal to RESET your life. There will be 5 challenges: nutrition, hydration, mindful recovery, sleep, and exercise. You will be scored on each of these challenges during the 30 days. CHALLENGE #1: NUTRITION This challenge’s goal is to ELIMINATE processed and artificial foods, sugars, dairy, baked goods, junk foods, or treats with “approved” ingredients, carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites. Grains and legumes will be of LIMITED selection. Each day participants will start off with 5 points. Each time a serving of a non-compliant food is consumed, the participants will deduct 1 point from their original 5 points. CHALLENGE #2: HYDRATION This challenge will consist of drinking at least of ½ your bodyweight in OZ. The number precisely will be given at CHECK-IN. Each day this is achieved, each participant will receive 1 point. CHALLENGE #3: SLEEP This challenge’s goal is to allow for proper rest and restoration of the body each day. The participant will get +3 points per day for sleeping for 8 hours or more, +1 point for sleeping 6 hours or more, and will receive 0 points for sleeping less than 6 hours. CHALLENGE #4: MINDFUL RECOVERY This challenge’s goal is to allow for a clear and recovered MIND. Each participant will receive an additional +1 points per day for completing one of the following mindful recovery tasks: Journaling Meditation Going for a 10+ minute walk without ANY electronics Light Stretching for at least 10 minutes without ANY electronics If there is something else you would like to do, you must get it approved by Abby. CHALLENGE #5: EXERCISE This challenge's goal is to get the body physically healthy and moving. Each time (max 5/week, up to 1 per day) athlete does the following they will receive an exercise point: Class at HideOut +20 minute Run/Bike/Row (including intervals) Classes at another Facility will be allowed but needs to get approved by Abby. REWARD POINTS: EXTRA BUT VALUABLE Extra points will be given for those who attend the following events: Sept 12th (5 POINTS): Kick-off Potluck Dinner and Nutrition Talk Time and Location: Starts at 6:00pm, Nutrition Talk Begins at 6:30pm We will kick-off our BACK TO LIFE Challenge with a Potluck Dinner and Nutrition Talk. During this meeting, you will be required to bring a dinner item, can be snack, dinner, breakfast, or lunch that is compliant with the list. Please make sure you SUBMIT your item with the recipe prior to the event at to get the point credit. I will send an email out with all recipes to make it easy for you to recall. Sept 19th (10 POINTS): Charity Cornhole Event Time: 1pm-6ish We will host a charity Cornhole Event. Price is $40 per team. The proceeds will go to St. Christopher’s Hospital Oncology Unit to provide relief for the families that have a sick child to care for. The event will begin at 1pm so try to arrive by 12:30pm to check-in. To sign up for the event, click this link. Sept 13th (5 POINTS): Zoom Session Meal Prep with Abby Join Abby at 11:00pm for her weekly meal prep. On Sept 12th she will send out a shopping list and complete her weekly meal prep on zoom with YOU! Sept 20th (5 POINTS): Zoom Session Meal Prep with Joel Join Joel at 11:00pm for his weekly meal prep. On Sept 18th he will send out a shopping list and complete his weekly meal prep on zoom with YOU! BODY MEASUREMENT POINTS: BODY WEIGHT LOST: ¼ of a point will be awarded for each pound lost. BODY FAT PERCENTAGE: 1 points will be awarded for each body fat percent lost. HOW TO SIGN UP: STEP 1: Sign the form on the front desk STEP 2: Hand in your $30 cash in the envelope STEP 3:If you need a partner, let Abby know and she will set you up with one. Check in will be available online Sept 9th (more details will be provided close to the date). Check in will include an InBody Scan, getting your accurate ounces for your hydration, getting you Daily Point Journal sheet, and getting a list of all compliant and non-compliant foods. CHALLENGE CALENDER

Spring into Fitness Week @ CFH

Summers right around the corner so the time is NOW to SPRING INTO FITNESS. We are going to dedicate a WHOLE WEEK to all things health and wellness. On top of that, all week you will be hosting your friends and family with a BYOF(riend) week. Check out the detail below: BYOF(riend) Week: From March 30th-April 4th, all friends and family will be allowed to participate in ANY amount of classes through out the week. If your friend signs up by April 4th, they will get $60 off their first monthly membership and you will get $60 off your NEXT monthly membership. Remember, they will still need to participate in our Prep Class Program before beginning class membership. E-mail to sign up your friend. Nutrition Seminar: On April 1st at 7:30pm, your very own Coach Abby will be hosting a nutrition seminar that will go over the following: Nutrition 101: What to eat, how much, and when What are marcos and how to use them? Strategies to becoming a healthier you! Much more! Mindset Seminar: On March 30th @ 7:30pm your very handsome Coach Joel will be hosting a Mindset seminar to go over getting your head in the right place to be healthy and successful. Join him to learn and learn strategies to control your mind and be at peace. HideOut Health Fair: On Saturday April 4th join us at HideOut with a slew of health and wellness friends! We will be having classes at 8am and 9am followed by a few local health practitioners spitting knowledge and letting us try out their products. From 10-11am, OneBody Massage and Float Haven will be around for FREE TRIALS of their Localized CryoTherapy and CryFacial, Laser Therapy, and cupping. From 11-Noon, Jeremy Boyd from Trifecta Therapeutics will be speaking on Low Back Health. Let's make this spring/summer the best and most healthy one yet! Sincerely, CrossFit HideOut

Introducing 2-on-1 Training @CFH

Do you have one or two exercises that you need to work on? Do you have a buddy that wants to work on the same thing? We are excited to announce we are adding 2-on-1 training to the mix of products we offer at CrossFit HideOut! 2-on-1 training will consist of 1 hour or half hour sessions that are targeted to YOUR specific needs and wants. You and your favorite gym buddy can set up a time with one of your favorite HideOut coaches to work together on whatever focus you both need. You can chose a specific movement or skill you want to work on, including but not limited to: - Power Cleans - Clean and Jerk - Power Snatch - Full Snatch - Double unders -Muscle ups -Mobility - Any thing else you want to work on The cost breakdown is the following: 30 minutes sessions- $60 ($30/session/person) 60 minutes sessions - $100 ($50/session/person) (12) 30 Minute Sessions - $600 ($25/session/person) (12) 60 Minute sessions - 1080 ($45/session/person) First 3 groups to sign up will get 15% off the total cost! E-mail to sign up today!


Yeah drinking water is great during your workout but have you tried BCAAs?! Sipping water or a sports drink as you train can help keep you hydrated, but let’s take a deeper look into what can not only hydrate you but also elevate your performance and increase muscle (#moregainz!💪). Branch Chain Amino Acids (or BCAAs) found in supplements like Driven Nutrition AMINO can optimize your intra-workout nutrition for improved performance and faster recovery by helping you quickly get essential amino acids into the bloodstream and to your muscles to help kick-start the rebuild and recovery process (protein synthesis) while you’re still working out. Doing so can help keep the body in an anabolic (muscle growth) state rather than a catabolic (muscle breakdown) state. This means more strength gains and less soreness after each workout session! Essential amino acids like BCAAs can also be used by the body to more efficiently convert glycogen (carbs) and fat into energy. This means improved caloric burn for shedding those unwanted pounds! Timing around your workout is crucial though when ingesting these aminos acids to ensure they are readily available in your bloodstream, and drinking an intra-workout BCAA supplement like AMINO is the best way to do that. In short, if you’re looking for a supplement that’s going to help you level up your overall exercise performance, recover better, and more effectively burn carbs and fat during your WOD then try adding a scoop of a BCAA supplement like Driven Nutrition AMINO to your usual bottle of water or sports drink during your workout! Available Flavors: - Fresh Lemonade - Fruit Punch - Grape - Watermelon

Member Spotlight: Rick Maxie

Rick Maxie aka "Slim Rick" or "Cute Rick" 1) What motivated you to start CrossFit? Rick: What motivated me about CrossFit was my wife Candell. I really didn't have a choice because she loves, eats, and coaches in the CrossFit realm. I always knock her without even trying it. I think I feared the word. It's easier as a family when everyone is one the same page. Eating healthy and keeping each other in check. 2) What is the biggest physical gain you have experienced since joining Hideout? Rick: My biggest physical gain would be just getting stronger and slimmer. Cant wait for February challenge!! My high school nickname was Slick Rick now its Slim Rick or cute Rick. 3) What is the biggest mental gain you have experienced? Rick: The biggest mental gain is just exactly that. I have to clear my head before or after work. I try to explain to people all the time not only do I see a physical change but mental. It clears my mind especially before going to work as a police officer. 4) What is your "go-to" motivation on days when you're struggling to make it to class? What is one of your favorite things about being a part of the Hideout family? Rick: My go-to motivation days are every day. I don't look at the workout. Its intimidating when I look at the workout. The hardest part is just getting there. Once you walk through the doors, you can feel the energy from the other athlete's and coaches. They bring you in and it's like a welcoming family. And when your done the workout everyone tells you something positive. High 5, fist pumps, or just saying good job it's a great feeling. And when Abby turns on my music 50 cent or some good hip-hop mix music I just get into a dance/sing mood. Although I cant dance, I try my best. Just like CrossFit, I try my best. 6) Share one of your current goals / challenges you'd like to breakthrough? Rick: My challenges will be hand stand push ups and double unders. And just staying on track. It's very easy to fall off. It's very easy to put on weight but very challenging to get it off. But, with the big family we have at HideOut and support I should stay on track. I need the push and someone to keep me in check at our gym.

Build Program Extension

Get excited HideOut fam! We will be extending our "Build" program with your very own coach Mike another 6-weeks. So that means 6 more weeks of strength, strongman, and Mike's amazing quotes of the day. The program will continue to be on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm. Instead of a formal class on Sunday's, feel free to come to open gym and perform the workout WITH Mike! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Keep on keeping on! Your HideOut Coaches...and Michelle too!

2020 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Hello HideOut Fam! You have ask and we will deliver! From February 10th- March 23rd we will be having our BIGGEST CHALLENGE YET! This will be a 6-week lifestyle challenge where we will be focusing on multiple aspects of your health and fitness to bring a more complete and whole form of wellness to your lives. I am super excited to bring this to the HideOut Family and am even more excited to see the results. Check out the details below: Workout Points: Each workout at CrossFit HideOut will receive 1 point. The max amount of points you can achieve in this category is 30 points. To receive a point, make sure you sign into class and update the points on the Wodify Rise app. (30 total points) At home workouts: Over the course of the challenge I will allow for a total of 5 at home workouts. To receive credit they must be one of the workouts listed below. You must document the workout via video or training log and send it to Nutrition Points: Each day you will start out with 5 points. For 1-2 servings of non-complaint foods, you will receive a 3. For 3+ you will receive a 0. (210 total points) Exemptions: Every week you will be allowed one glass of organic red wine OR one serving of a spirit Sleep Points: Each night you sleep over 7 hours you will receive one point. This will be tracked in the Wodify Rise app. (42 total points) Water Points: Each day you will be required to drink 500mL before breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will receive 1 point for each 500mL up to 3 points per day. Try your best to do this before each meal (500mL). If you absolutely cannot, then accumulate it. (126 total points) Recovery Points : 3 days a week you will be required to perform 10 minutes of recovery. You must keep a recovery journal to turn in at the end of the challenge to list your recovery each day. This is including but not limited to: Stretching Meditating Going for a walk Getting a massage Foam Rolling Swimming Journaling Extra Points: Feb 8th at 7pm: Introduction to the challenge seminar: We will be going over some nutrition basics, challenge structure, recipes, meal prep, and answering and questions. You will receive 10 points for participating. Weight loss points: Each pound of weight loss will be worth .5 points. Each percent body fat lost will be worth 1 point. Complete Wellness points: For all participants who fully complete the wellness aspects of the challenge (Recovery, sleep, water) you will receive 10 points. This overall wellness plan is a way to help you with ALL aspects of your lives. I truly believe when we are dialed in to more than just “weight loss” and nutrition, we will find a healthy balance and feel complete within our lives. The Prize Of course with all this hard work we will need to award the top participant who is fully dedicated to making changes. The prize for the winners will be the following: 1st place - 2 months of Unlimited CFH membership, a free personal training 30 minute session with Coach Joel or Abby. 2nd place- $50 off your monthly CFH membership 3rd place- $25 gift card to the HideOut Store To sign up, click here. The fee for the challenge will be $30. Let’s do this FitFam! Xoxoxo Your coaches, Abby, Joel, Dana, Candell, Erin, Dave, Jess We all support you and are excited for your new challenge!

Athlete Spotlight: Cindy MacMinn

1)  What motivated you to start Crossift? I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about CrossFit from my cousins and friends who do CrossFit in other places across NJ and PA  and I’ve been interested in learning new exercises. 2) What is the biggest physical gain you have experienced since joining Hideout? I’ve never lifted weights before so being my first full month at the gym... anytime I try to do a lift with proper form is a plus! 3) What is the biggest mental gain that you have experienced? From joining CrossFit and talking to Abby, my biggest mental gain has been following through with better nutrition.  I always have enjoyed sports, exercise, and eating somewhat healthy, but for the first time, I’m a lot more motivated and conscious about what I am choosing to prepare and eat. 4) What is your "go-to" motivation on days when you're struggling to make it to class? If I’m struggling to go to class, my 9 year old son is my exercise buddy.  I am able to go to Crossfit while he goes to martial arts.  So if Kyle is at martial arts, I have no excuse not to be working out too. 5) What is one of your favorite things about being a part of the Hideout family? Everyone I’ve met at Hideout is very positive and it’s motivating in itself to see the hard work and achievements of everyone in class. 6) Share one of your current goals / challenges you'd like to breakthrough. My current goal is to learn all of these lift movements and execute them correctly! Welcome to the HideOut team Cindy! We are excited to have you on board and are excited to see your progress.

Meet Coach Joel

Get ready HideOut Fam! Starting this week you will be seeing a new face around the gym. Coach Joel is our new FULL-TIME coach. I am super excited to bring him in so we can learn from his experience and get to know a new Fit Fam member. Check out his bio below to get to know him a little better. Growing up I always enjoyed being physically active and played multiple competitive sports through high school. After high school, looking for a new challenge and adventure, I decided to join the Army. During my time in the Army is when I discovered my passion for fitness and CrossFit in particular. I’m definitely a strong believer that everybody is an athlete, and continued movement as we age is the key to a long, healthy, and more enjoyable life. I relish the physical and mental challenge that each day of training brings, and the sense of accomplishment after each workout. My favorite thing about coaching is finding new ways to help athletes reach their goals. I am constantly seeking knowledge to add to my coaching toolbox and pass on to the athletes I coach. Outside the gym some of my favorite things are snowboarding/surfing, golfing, eating chicken & waffles and pretty much anything spicy, singing in the car/shower, and cheering for the Denver Broncos.

Creating New Habits with Coach Dana

We sat down with our very own Coach Dana to go over all some strategies to make changes in 2020. Dana has been with us for the past 3 years and has not only CRUSHED her personal goals but has supported many of us in ours too! Check out what she has to say about making changes in 2020. 1) First and foremost, what do you enjoy most about coaching at CFH? Dana: The things most like about coaching at HideOut is helping people realize they can have fun and work hard at the same time.  There’s nothing better then watching someone realize they are stronger then they thought they were or conquering a fear like box jumps. It never gets old seeing the pure joy in someones face when that happens. 2) What changes do you plan to make in 2020? Dana: In 2020, in order to become a healthier me, I’d like to put my phone away more, get quality sleep, become more mindful by meditating, and to get back on track with better eating. 3) What do you believe creates most success in changing healthy habits? Dana: The best ways to be successful in creating healthy habits would be the following, Be realistic when it comes to what you can do. Create a plan and be prepared. For example, if your goal is to eat healthy all week and you do not meal prep, you are setting yourself up for failure. If your goal is to eat healthy, you first need create a plan that allows you to do that. If you don't know how to make a make a plan, utilize the coaches at HideOut! We offer goal setting sessions that will help you get there! Be accountable. There are many ways to hold your self accountable but one of the
best ways is to find a buddy. Want to get to the gym more? Have them message you
when you don't. Want to eat better? Make a meal prep day and do it with them or just
make sure they get it done. Together we are stronger! Be consistent. Keep pushing yourself, especially in the first 30 days, to make a new
habit stick! Don't give up after one hiccup. If we did that, we would never get anywhere! 4) What are some realistic time frames in terms of seeing results? Dana: When it comes to a time frame and seeing results, it can vary depending on the goal. Sometimes when we have a larger goal, the time frame can be 6 months to a year or even more. In that case, we need to break it down into smaller goals. These victories will keep us on track and continue to motivate us. For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, it would be smart to create goals that are accessible within 3 months to give us some motivating and excitement. The smaller goals could be 5lbs of weight loss in 3 months and eating at least 2 cups of veggies per day. 5) What's the biggest piece of advice you can give to the members of CFH that are looking to make a change in 2020? Dana: Don't give up! Change is hard and most of the time we have to make some sacrifices to get where we want to be. IT GETS EASIER once you have the basics down. We have an amazing support system in our community so make sure you use it! Participate in challenges, utilize the coaches knowledge, and be open. You might surprise your self when you try a few food or a new class.

CFH Build Program

CFH BUILD CFH Build is CrossFit HideOut's power lifting and strongman program. The program is unique to CrossFit HideOut and is intended to help members of our functional fitness community to build towards their strength goals and have some fun playing with all different equipment. The CFH Build program is designed to build strength through proven power lifting methodology and will incorporate strongman principles to assist in this. Coach Mike Hallam has recently taken Rob Orlando's strongman course and is PUMPED to show you guys all knowledge bombs! The program will be on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 11:30pm at CrossFit HideOut. It will run for 6 weeks. There will be no 6:30pm CrossFit class during this time. On Sunday's open gym will end at 11:30pm. If you are interested in this program, it would be ideal if you were consistent in taking the classes 3x/week with CrossFit classes 2x/week. If you want to drop in and try it out that would be good as well. E-mail with any questions! #MainBlog

CFH Fall Nutrition Challenge

HideOut FitFam, I am excited to announce that we will be holding our annual Fall Nutrition Challenge starting October 7th and ending November 10th. This will be a health challenge that will get you feeling good and looking better. We will be partnering up on this challenge so grab your best buddy and give it a go! The Points: 1) Diet: (5 points per day) Make a commitment to build a diet rich in healthy, nutritious foods. This means cutting out SOME grains, dairy, processed foods, added sugars and alcohol (eek!) In their place, add fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and good fats. Making these changes will affect other aspects of your life, not just physical (although you’ll notice that too!) Your energy level, mood and sleep will all improve. And soon enough, good habits will form and you’ll realize you don’t need unhealthy foods in your life to feel fulfilled. Each day you will have the option to score your diet with 5, 3 or 0 points. To get a 5, you must build each plate with the guidelines using the hand-size portion guide (Vegetable, Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat at each meal) AND you must stay compliment with the clean eating food list. To receive a 3 means you ate a serving of anything on the non-compliant list OR did not use the correct portions at a meal. To receive 0 means you ate more then one serving of a substance on the non-compliant list OR more then one meal was not portioned correctly. The amount of meals per day is up to you but it is recommended to have 3-4 meals a day depending on your size, gender and goals. Ready to dive in? Check out the attachment for our list of approved foods to start our clean eating challenge. E-mail for questions. 2) Drink H20: (1 points per day) Each day you will receive 1 point if you drink 64+ oz of water. 3) Workout: (1 point per day- maxed at 5 per week) One class at CFH is 1 point. Max 5 workouts per week. Week starts on Monday and end on Sunday. Make sure you log into Wodify to get your points! Ready, set, GO! 4) Recovery: (1 point per day) Each day you will be allowed to receive one point for 10 minutes of recovery work. Recovery work can be foam rolling, massage, PT exercises, meditation, stretching, etc. 5) Measurements Part 1: We will be keeping track of your weight and your body fat percentage. Weigh in's are going to be October 11th. Weigh Outs will be Nov 10th. You will receive points for body fat percentage lost. 6) Measurements Part 2: (5 points per week) You will be required to weigh your self every Monday to track your progress through the challenge. 7) Social Media Points: (1 point per day- maxed at 5 per week) Each day you will get a points for posting about the challenge on Instagram or FaceBook. You must tag CrossFit HideOut and use the #cfhfallchallenge. The Prizes 1st Place- The team that get first place will receive one free month of unlimited classes at CrossFit HideOut, kettlebell kitchen gear, and more prices announced throughout the challenge! Let's do this HideOut Fam! Sign up TODAY! Abby #MainBlog