2020 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Hello HideOut Fam! You have ask and we will deliver! From February 10th- March 23rd we will be having our BIGGEST CHALLENGE YET! This will be a 6-week lifestyle challenge where we will be focusing on multiple aspects of your health and fitness to bring a more complete and whole form of wellness to your lives. I am super excited to bring this to the HideOut Family and am even more excited to see the results. Check out the details below: Workout Points: Each workout at CrossFit HideOut will receive 1 point. The max amount of points you can achieve in this category is 30 points. To receive a point, make sure you sign into class and update the points on the Wodify Rise app. (30 total points) At home workouts: Over the course of the challenge I will allow for a total of 5 at home workouts. To receive credit they must be one of the workouts listed below. You must document the workout via video or training log and send it to abby@crossfithideout.com. Nutrition Points: Each day you will start out with 5 points. For 1-2 servings of non-complaint foods, you will receive a 3. For 3+ you will receive a 0. (210 total points) Exemptions: Every week you will be allowed one glass of organic red wine OR one serving of a spirit Sleep Points: Each night you sleep over 7 hours you will receive one point. This will be tracked in the Wodify Rise app. (42 total points) Water Points: Each day you will be required to drink 500mL before breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will receive 1 point for each 500mL up to 3 points per day. Try your best to do this before each meal (500mL). If you absolutely cannot, then accumulate it. (126 total points) Recovery Points : 3 days a week you will be required to perform 10 minutes of recovery. You must keep a recovery journal to turn in at the end of the challenge to list your recovery each day. This is including but not limited to: Stretching Meditating Going for a walk Getting a massage Foam Rolling Swimming Journaling Extra Points: Feb 8th at 7pm: Introduction to the challenge seminar: We will be going over some nutrition basics, challenge structure, recipes, meal prep, and answering and questions. You will receive 10 points for participating. Weight loss points: Each pound of weight loss will be worth .5 points. Each percent body fat lost will be worth 1 point. Complete Wellness points: For all participants who fully complete the wellness aspects of the challenge (Recovery, sleep, water) you will receive 10 points. This overall wellness plan is a way to help you with ALL aspects of your lives. I truly believe when we are dialed in to more than just “weight loss” and nutrition, we will find a healthy balance and feel complete within our lives. The Prize Of course with all this hard work we will need to award the top participant who is fully dedicated to making changes. The prize for the winners will be the following: 1st place - 2 months of Unlimited CFH membership, a free personal training 30 minute session with Coach Joel or Abby. 2nd place- $50 off your monthly CFH membership 3rd place- $25 gift card to the HideOut Store To sign up, click here. The fee for the challenge will be $30. Let’s do this FitFam! Xoxoxo Your coaches, Abby, Joel, Dana, Candell, Erin, Dave, Jess We all support you and are excited for your new challenge!