The time is here to RESTART your life and get HEALTHY. Over the past 6 months, it has become CLEAR how important our health is, both physically AND mentally. To get you kick-started on the right path, we will be hosting “Back to LIFE” Wellness Challenge. This will be a 30 day PARTNER challenge with the goal to RESET your life. There will be 5 challenges: nutrition, hydration, mindful recovery, sleep, and exercise. You will be scored on each of these challenges during the 30 days. CHALLENGE #1: NUTRITION This challenge’s goal is to ELIMINATE processed and artificial foods, sugars, dairy, baked goods, junk foods, or treats with “approved” ingredients, carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites. Grains and legumes will be of LIMITED selection. Each day participants will start off with 5 points. Each time a serving of a non-compliant food is consumed, the participants will deduct 1 point from their original 5 points. CHALLENGE #2: HYDRATION This challenge will consist of drinking at least of ½ your bodyweight in OZ. The number precisely will be given at CHECK-IN. Each day this is achieved, each participant will receive 1 point. CHALLENGE #3: SLEEP This challenge’s goal is to allow for proper rest and restoration of the body each day. The participant will get +3 points per day for sleeping for 8 hours or more, +1 point for sleeping 6 hours or more, and will receive 0 points for sleeping less than 6 hours. CHALLENGE #4: MINDFUL RECOVERY This challenge’s goal is to allow for a clear and recovered MIND. Each participant will receive an additional +1 points per day for completing one of the following mindful recovery tasks: Journaling Meditation Going for a 10+ minute walk without ANY electronics Light Stretching for at least 10 minutes without ANY electronics If there is something else you would like to do, you must get it approved by Abby. CHALLENGE #5: EXERCISE This challenge's goal is to get the body physically healthy and moving. Each time (max 5/week, up to 1 per day) athlete does the following they will receive an exercise point: Class at HideOut +20 minute Run/Bike/Row (including intervals) Classes at another Facility will be allowed but needs to get approved by Abby. REWARD POINTS: EXTRA BUT VALUABLE Extra points will be given for those who attend the following events: Sept 12th (5 POINTS): Kick-off Potluck Dinner and Nutrition Talk Time and Location: Starts at 6:00pm, Nutrition Talk Begins at 6:30pm We will kick-off our BACK TO LIFE Challenge with a Potluck Dinner and Nutrition Talk. During this meeting, you will be required to bring a dinner item, can be snack, dinner, breakfast, or lunch that is compliant with the list. Please make sure you SUBMIT your item with the recipe prior to the event at to get the point credit. I will send an email out with all recipes to make it easy for you to recall. Sept 19th (10 POINTS): Charity Cornhole Event Time: 1pm-6ish We will host a charity Cornhole Event. Price is $40 per team. The proceeds will go to St. Christopher’s Hospital Oncology Unit to provide relief for the families that have a sick child to care for. The event will begin at 1pm so try to arrive by 12:30pm to check-in. To sign up for the event, click this link. Sept 13th (5 POINTS): Zoom Session Meal Prep with Abby Join Abby at 11:00pm for her weekly meal prep. On Sept 12th she will send out a shopping list and complete her weekly meal prep on zoom with YOU! Sept 20th (5 POINTS): Zoom Session Meal Prep with Joel Join Joel at 11:00pm for his weekly meal prep. On Sept 18th he will send out a shopping list and complete his weekly meal prep on zoom with YOU! BODY MEASUREMENT POINTS: BODY WEIGHT LOST: ¼ of a point will be awarded for each pound lost. BODY FAT PERCENTAGE: 1 points will be awarded for each body fat percent lost. HOW TO SIGN UP: STEP 1: Sign the form on the front desk STEP 2: Hand in your $30 cash in the envelope STEP 3:If you need a partner, let Abby know and she will set you up with one. Check in will be available online Sept 9th (more details will be provided close to the date). Check in will include an InBody Scan, getting your accurate ounces for your hydration, getting you Daily Point Journal sheet, and getting a list of all compliant and non-compliant foods. CHALLENGE CALENDER