CFH Fall Nutrition Challenge

HideOut FitFam, I am excited to announce that we will be holding our annual Fall Nutrition Challenge starting October 7th and ending November 10th. This will be a health challenge that will get you feeling good and looking better. We will be partnering up on this challenge so grab your best buddy and give it a go! The Points: 1) Diet: (5 points per day) Make a commitment to build a diet rich in healthy, nutritious foods. This means cutting out SOME grains, dairy, processed foods, added sugars and alcohol (eek!) In their place, add fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and good fats. Making these changes will affect other aspects of your life, not just physical (although you’ll notice that too!) Your energy level, mood and sleep will all improve. And soon enough, good habits will form and you’ll realize you don’t need unhealthy foods in your life to feel fulfilled. Each day you will have the option to score your diet with 5, 3 or 0 points. To get a 5, you must build each plate with the guidelines using the hand-size portion guide (Vegetable, Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat at each meal) AND you must stay compliment with the clean eating food list. To receive a 3 means you ate a serving of anything on the non-compliant list OR did not use the correct portions at a meal. To receive 0 means you ate more then one serving of a substance on the non-compliant list OR more then one meal was not portioned correctly. The amount of meals per day is up to you but it is recommended to have 3-4 meals a day depending on your size, gender and goals. Ready to dive in? Check out the attachment for our list of approved foods to start our clean eating challenge. E-mail for questions. 2) Drink H20: (1 points per day) Each day you will receive 1 point if you drink 64+ oz of water. 3) Workout: (1 point per day- maxed at 5 per week) One class at CFH is 1 point. Max 5 workouts per week. Week starts on Monday and end on Sunday. Make sure you log into Wodify to get your points! Ready, set, GO! 4) Recovery: (1 point per day) Each day you will be allowed to receive one point for 10 minutes of recovery work. Recovery work can be foam rolling, massage, PT exercises, meditation, stretching, etc. 5) Measurements Part 1: We will be keeping track of your weight and your body fat percentage. Weigh in's are going to be October 11th. Weigh Outs will be Nov 10th. You will receive points for body fat percentage lost. 6) Measurements Part 2: (5 points per week) You will be required to weigh your self every Monday to track your progress through the challenge. 7) Social Media Points: (1 point per day- maxed at 5 per week) Each day you will get a points for posting about the challenge on Instagram or FaceBook. You must tag CrossFit HideOut and use the #cfhfallchallenge. The Prizes 1st Place- The team that get first place will receive one free month of unlimited classes at CrossFit HideOut, kettlebell kitchen gear, and more prices announced throughout the challenge! Let's do this HideOut Fam! Sign up TODAY! Abby #MainBlog