CrossFit Fitness South Jersey

Strength Today we are going to be working on our power clean. We are going to be working off percentages so make sure you stick to them! I want the focus today to be on getting full extension at the top. We will do some drills before the power clean to work on this. Also, no starfish feet here. Make sure all reps are solid! Power Clean (1x3@50%, 1x3@60%, 8x2@70%) Every 90 Seconds x 10 Sets (15 Minutes)

1; 50% x 3 reps

2; 60% x 3 reps

3 - 10; 70% x 2 reps

*Key here is solid form. Metcon Today is some pure power work. I want you to try to go as hard as you can then you will get a decent time to rest. Push it here. Keep track of the time you finish each time. The goal is to go as hard as you can and to be as consistent each round. Metcon (5 Rounds for time) Every 3:00 x 5 Sets (15 Minutes)

7 Slam Balls, 30/20

7 Burpees, 6" Target

10 Seconds A/B @ Max Effort Extra Work A.1: Lateral Banded Walk (3x50'/side) Rest 30 Seconds A.2: Arch Hold (Time) 3x 60 Second Arch Hold

rest 60 seconds #workoutoftheday