December Member Spotlight: Brian Martin!

DECEMBER 2017 MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – BRIAN MARTIN! HideOut Family – get to know your December Member of the Month….BRIAN MARTIN! Brian started with us back in May and we are so incredibly stoked to have him. You can typically find him in the PM classes strutting around with his kick ass leopard patchwork tattoo on his leg. I love that Bri! He is so great to workout with. He is patient, encouraging and super nice. Be sure to say hi the next time you see him. Thank you for spending an hour a day with us behind these walls. We are blessed to have you! DO YOU HAVE ANY NICKNAMES? No. (that’s it. I’m coming up with a nickname for you now!) WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Born in Philly, then moved to Jersey in my teens. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING CROSSFIT? Approximately 6 months now. WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO CROSSFIT HIDEOUT? Every time I tried to go it alone with weights in the gym, I would hurt myself and give up due to lack of education. I wanted to keep up losing weight (I was 350lbs 5 years ago) and have someone help me learn how to properly lift to be able to continuously get better at working out and hideout was close to home and seemed like a good fit for me. WHAT CLASSES DO YOU USUALLY ATTEND? 5:30p normally. WHAT DO YOU DO OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT? I work both my full time sales job (scientific supplies, chemicals, equipment) and my home based business (scentsy), but in any free time I can get I spend time hiking, watching anything scary (horror movie related) at home with the husband our pets, hanging out with friends and convincing them to put their kids to bed earlier. WHAT IS ONE THING WE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU? Something really shitty happened 7 years ago that turned me from a very outgoing life of the party type to a super scared socially awkward introvert. The box has really helped to get me out of my comfort zone to talk to strangers again and that means a great deal to me. WHAT IS YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? Cat. Cats are awesome. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CROSSFIT MOVEMENT? I love snatching! WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT IN CROSSFIT SO FAR? Coming out of my shell more and signing up in the 1st place! WHAT IS ONE SHORT TERM GOAL & LONG TERM GOAL? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO CRUSH THOSE GOALS? Short term is to move past this shoulder injury so I can get back to doing all overhead movements with Abby and Dana helping to scale and make sure I don't hurt it more. Long term is to be better, get fitter, and get to know everyone at the box better. Practice practice practice! WHAT MOTIVATES AND INSPIRES YOU? I am self-competitive, so doing better every time I do anything is motivating. You both are inspiring as well. Kick ass young women who are successful business owners that everyone looks up to! WHAT IS ONE TIP YOU WOULD GIVE SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT HIDEOUT? It's gonna kick your ass, but stick with it so you kick ass at it eventually. #MainBlog