February Member Spotlight: Mike Mangiaracina

FEBRUARY 2018 MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: MIKE MANGIARACINA Fam! Get to know your February Member Spotlight, Mike Mangiaracina!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY NICKNAMES? I don't think so WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Logan Twp HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING CROSSFIT? 10 months WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO CROSSFIT HIDEOUT? To better my cardio WHAT CLASSES DO YOU USUALLY ATTEND? 12 o'clock class (PR's and stars) WHAT DO YOU DO OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT? Jiu Jitsu, golfing, snowboarding, hunting. WHAT IS ONE THING WE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU? I'm left handed WHAT IS YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? Ehh octopus? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CROSSFIT MOVEMENT? Deadlift WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT IN CROSSFIT SO FAR? Muscle ups!!! WHAT IS ONE SHORT TERM GOAL & LONG TERM GOAL? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO CRUSH THOSE GOALS? short term: mobility to be able to snatch. Long term: To be better than the day before WHAT MOTIVATES AND INSPIRES YOU? MY crossfit family. they drive me to come in on the days I'm not feeling it! WHAT IS ONE TIP YOU WOULD GIVE SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT HIDEOUT? Trust the process. The small auxiliary exercises and stretches make a world of a difference no matter how much you hate them. MIKE! You're our big brother and we love you so much. Thank you for adding so much hype and positivity to the gym. We love that you decided to start adding CrossFit to your fitness routine. Yay! #MainBlog