Finally Friday Fitness South Jersey


● We’re progressing our strength work. We’re doing max effort work and then some extra

volume at a reduced load

● Increased emphasis on gymnastics for accessory work

● Emphasis on strict strength, tempo, positional work and introducing kipping

● Increased emphasis on olympic lifting work

● Accessory for strength is more specific to the olympic and power lifts.

● Now is the time of the year where we really start pushing in the strength department. Expect some improvements over the next several months with your lifts.

● Emphasis on longer met-con to help build aerobic base and muscular endurance for upcoming chippers and longer rep sets

● DELOAD WEEK - feel free to take it easier (less sets, reps, weight) on workouts

this week to help rest the body and mind for the next week. Skill AMRAP 8 for skill (Don’t rush through the movements, focus on solid positioning throughout)

Press Drags x 4-6 reps
*If able don’t hop. Hop if needed

Leg Fall-outs x 8

Ring Kipping x 5-7
*Start with small kips and progress
*Focus on perfect hollow / arch position and moving through the core Strength A.1: Weighted Pull-ups (3x5) *Assist with bands or feet as needed

*Full stretch at bottom of pull-up

*Deload week (Work up to around 80% of what you performed in weeks past) A.2: Wall Facing Handstand Push-up Variation (3x5) *Deload week (Work up to around 80% of what you performed in weeks past) Metcon (Weight) AMRAP 10 minutes

30 meter farmer’s walk

20 meter backwards crawl

10 hanging L-ups

*Bend knees as needed on l-ups

*Keep butt down on crawl

*No RX weight for the famer's walk

*Score is weight on farmer's walk Extra Work a: Dumbbell Waiter's Walk (3x15 meters) *Dumbbell in both hands

*Elbow extended b: 5-5-5-5 Handstand Hold (3 sets) c: Dips (3x8 tempo 20X0) *use bar #workoutoftheday