Fitness in Gibbstown! CrossFit HideOut

Strength Today we will be doing week 2 of our pressing movement. Make sure you focus on shoulder position on the way down. Also, keep a tight core and DO NOT hyper exten your back here. If you don't have proper front rack positioning use dumbbells. Time cap for strength is 15 minutes. A.1: Push Press (3x5 tempo 30X0) Don't forget the 3 second lower

Don't rest the bar in front rack between reps A.2: Single Arm Ring Row (3x8 tempo 20X0) Metcon (Time) Partner workout for time- Only 1 partner works at a time

100m Sled Push

100 Calorie Row

100m Farmer's Walk

100m sled drag

100 calorie bike

Time Cap: 25 minutes

If time capped each rep not completed is :01 second Extra Work Kettlebell Press (3x10 tempo 30X0 *3 second lower) Weighted Pull-ups (3x5 ) -1 second pause at top and bottom of pull-up (normal speed of decent and raise)

-Load if able

-Maintain hollow position throughout Dumbbell External Rotation (3x10 tempo 20X0) prone @ 90 degrees #workoutoftheday