Freaky Friday Workout!

Strength A.1: Clean and Jerk (5x3 @>75% of 1RM) *no touch and go

*build throughout sets A.2: Lateral Squat (5x3/side ) between sets of cleans Metcon (Weight) EMOM 12 minutes (3 total rounds)

Minute 1- 5 barbell power clean and jerk @65% of weight used during strength today

Minute 2- 25 meter kettlebell farmer's carry

Minute 3- 7 barbell front squats @ same barbell load

Minute 4- 25 meter sled push

RX + complete 5 total rounds

Score is weight on the sled (don't include the sled weight) Extra Work a: Ring Kipping (3x5-7 reps) *emphasis on hollow/arch positioning b: Jump to ring support (3x3 jumps ) *hold for 5 seconds each jump c: Overhead Squat (3x5) *pause for 1 second at the bottom of squat

*build throughout sets #workoutoftheday