Friday 10/12

Warm-up AMRAP 7

100m Run

10 Groiners

10 Med ball squats

10 Ring Rows

:30 plank hold


Back Squat w/ mini band and tempo 5551 x 3 reps

Bentover Row w/empty bar tempo 5551 x 3 reps

x 2 sets

Then start building for strenght work. Strength A.1: Back Squat (3x8@70%) add 10 lbs from last week A.2: Bent Over Row (3x8 @ 4020 tempo) Metcon (Time) For Time:

400m run

21 goblet squats @ 70/55kb

400m run

21 strict pull ups

400m run

21 goblet squats @ 7055#

400m run Extra Work Tall Clean Pull Under (4x4@50-55% ) snappy and fast under the bar Pressing Snatch Balance (4x5) Metcon (No Measure) 3 sets for quality NOT time

lateral sled drag x 50’/side

Barbell hip thruster @ 40% of DL for 15 reps #workoutoftheday