Friday 11/3

Why so angry Bill? Strength In this cycle we are working both the repetition effort (% Work) and dynamic effort (Speed Work). I want you to move with good positioning and mechanics. However, the goal here is to move the bar fast. Make sure you stick with 70% even if it seems "easy" to you. Back Squat (Every 60 Seconds x 12 Sets x2 reps @ 70%) Metcon (Distance) Every 3 Minutes x 6 Sets: (18 Minutes)

20 Second Row @ Max Meters

The score is your lowest set. Extra Work Get this in today! A.1: Dual KB Front Rack Cossack Squat (3x10/side) A.2: Sorenson Hold (3x60 seconds, Rest 60 Seconds) reps=seconds #workoutoftheday